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Engaging Learning Programs and Opportunities
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Fostering a Safe, Respectful, and Welcoming Environment
Norwood First, Third and Sixth Graders' First Day at School 2021-2022


Leaders for Life


At Norwood Creek Elementary, we take great pride in the education that we offer our students. We set high expectations for every child and provide the support and enrichment each child needs to reach those expectations. We present a rich curriculum that educates the whole child.

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Infnite Possibilities

Norwood Creek Direction Donation Drive has begun.  Please consider contributing what you can to help keep our Infinite Possibilities continuing into the future for our students to succeed and strive beyond our beliefs. This years focus will be enrichment for all students.  We will be recognizing and rewarding students and families who participate. The Direct Donatin Drive (DDD) will last through the end of this month. Thank you in advance for your donations.

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Evergreen School District News


October National Fire Prevention Month

“Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety,” the theme for this year’s Fire Prevention campaign, works to better educate people about the sounds smoke alarms make, what they mean, and how to respond...

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National Principals Month

This month ESD will be celebrating the superheroes who hold our schools together. Read the article to see the principals who have been featured so far!

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COVID-19 Information

Get information about ESD COVID-19 case numbers, the ESD Safety plan, and other COVID-19 resources.

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ESD Wellness Spotlight

"Drug Free Looks Like Me" Theme for Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is observed from October 23-31. This year the theme for Red Ribbon Week is “Drug Free Looks Like Me,” created by a 7th grader, Marin Wurst, from Solon, Ohio. Wurst created this theme because she wanted to highlight that each individual has a role in keeping “communities safe, healthy, and Drug Free.” Schools throughout the Evergreen district will be acknowledging Red Ribbon Week with giveaways, drug free pledges, and spirit days.

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For mental health, wellness and community resources, visit ESD's Mental Health & Wellness CONNECTIONS website at wellness.eesd.org.