Health & Wellness

After the child’s home, school represents the second most influential environment in a child’s life. Our philosophy is “Healthy Children Learn Better” and to that end we want to make every effort to keep your child safe and healthy at school.

Physical Health

At school our full-time Health Clerk works with an assigned Credentialed School Nurse from Evergreen School District to provide coordinated care, screenings and health education for our students.

Some of the health services that are provided by the nurse at our school include:

  • Individualized Health Care Planning for students who have ongoing health concerns such as diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma, and severe allergies
  • Oversight of Medication Administration
  • Vision Screenings
  • Hearing Screenings
  • Special Education Evaluations
  • Community Resource Referrals - food, clothing, shelter, housing instability, glasses, health insurance
  • Health and Safety Consulting

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Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness CONNECTIONS Logo

Mental health and general wellness are every bit as important as physical health. Visit Evergreen School District's Mental Health and Wellness CONNECTIONS website for a digital toolkit of mental health resources for students, families, and educators. This website offers our community original and curated information and resources to help those in need cope with life's challenges.

In Case of Emergency

Parents will be notified immediately of any emergency involving their children. Our full-time health clerk and assigned registered nurse are available to administer first aid if necessary.

In the event your child becomes ill or injured, it is vital that your PowerSchool Parent Portal account contains up-to-date emergency contact information.

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