Food Reminders


February 2022
Dear Parents:                                                                                                       
With many of our parents dropping off lunch for their children, it is a good time to share and provide the following reminders:

  • Please bring the packed lunch to the front office.
  • Please provide your child with a healthy lunch
  • No soda allowed, water and juice only
  • Parents are only allowed to bring food items for their children and not classmates or friends. For example, if you bring a celebration lunch for your child and a few of their friends, we are unable to allow outside lunches to be given to the other students.  A special lunch can only be enjoyed by your student and not shared with others. This also includes food items that are brought in to share with the class to help celebrate a birthday.  
  • Our district encourages only non-food items for classroom treats, such as:  fun erasers, stickers, pencils, gel pens, cute sticky notes, bubbles, slap bracelets, or rulers.  We even have a Birthday Book Club.  A $15 donation allows us to purchase a special book that will be placed in our school library in your child’s honor.  If interested, come into the front office and fill out a Birthday Book Club form.  These are just a few of the many ways to celebrate your student’s birthday with their classmates.

For more information our Child Nutritions Services Department has a list of alternatives to food items for celebrations.
Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.
Tonya Bailey, Principal



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